Midea Group is now one of the biggest manufacturers in the world in several product categories. We command world-leading production capacity and experience and make a diverse range of products in our extensive network of manufacturing bases across the globe.

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Midea Business System

As the backbone of Midea Smart Manufacturing, Midea Business System has strategy, talent building, and daily operation at its core. The lean improvement tools and management methods that it provides enable us to boost the efficiency of the entire value chain.

Midea Business System is a unique business method, exclusive to Midea Group, which helps us cut costs and satisfy our customers all over the world.


T+3 Business Model

By carefully studying the real-world demands of our end users, we have geared our business model to tailoring household appliances in line with their true needs. T+3 business model promotes an efficient business process across the entire value chain. From the first stage when the customer places an order (T0), to preparing the materials (T1), making the products (T2), and delivering them (T4), we aim to complete the order within 12 days.