The Midea Building Technologies (MBT) business unit is a key part of the Midea Group. Our MBT division supplies professional products and commercial solutions. We first entered the CAC market in 1999. Since then we have become a pioneer in VRF technology, working closely with our R&D department to keep innovating. Elevator business is also extended for the integration of our intelligent building solutions. Through our R&D work and groundbreaking technological innovations, our MBT division has contributed massively to commercial as well as product development. By collaborating with international enterprises, as well as conducting independent R&D, Midea MBT flourishes and boasts thousands of references projects worldwide.

China-based VRF exporter
years of chiller innovation
market share in China
  • Categories

    Since 1999, we have helped fulfil the HVAC needs of hundreds of development projects around the globe. Though we already have a more comprehensive product offering than ever, we will continue investing in technology-backed product innovation to keep pace with the ever-changing market.

  • Star Project References

    With a 20-year track record of development, the Midea CAC has numerous reference projects in every field, and the excellence of our comprehensive product solutions is recognized all over the world.


  • Automated Production Facilities

    Around 100 robots deployed on production lines.

    Over 100 million USD invested in automation.

    The realized strategic transformation of production facilities.

  • Sales and After-Sales Service

    More than 550 R&D engineers specialized in performance, structure, noise and vibration, and other areas.

    Technical training is helpful to develop product expertise.

    Training centers and spare parts centers help us offer better service.

*Midea - World`s No.1 China-based VRF Exporter"
Footnote: “Sources: Euromonitor estimates based on desk research and trade interviews, by export volume, 2017 calendar year.”
*Midea - No.1 market share in China" sourced from ChinaIOL