We specialize in research, and the development, production, and sales of water purifiers, dispensers, and heaters, as well as commercial water dispensers and purification equipment. Our Water Appliance Division provides comprehensive water solutions: Whether you are looking for water purification or heaters, we have the product to suit your household or commercial needs.


$2.4 B
revenue in 2018
R&D centers (US,Europe,India,Japan)
  • Categories

    Our Water Appliance Division specializes in electric and gas water heaters, water dispensers, and water purifying appliances. We are committed to providing consumers with better kitchen and bathroom appliances in a wide range of product categories. Through continuous innovation, we offer optimum cooking solutions to help give our customers an unbeatable culinary experience every time.

  • Research and Development

    We have a diverse network of research facilities in several countries. Most of our water appliance research is conducted in China at the R&D Basic Research Laboratory and the Water Dispenser and Purifier Testing Center. We also have research teams at the North American Research and Development Center in the US, the European Research and Development Center, the India Water Quality Research Center, and the Japan Research and Development Center.

    Research and development has a key role in our core competitiveness, and we invest at least 3% of sales revenue in R&D every year. With considerable support from the Midea Group, we attract top R&D talents from around the world to create the innovations that will become the standards of tomorrow.

  • Lean Manufacture

    We are committed to implementing lean manufacturing in automation, informatization, modular manufacturing, and logistics with the aim of boosting production efficiency and lowering cost. Our application of advanced manufacturing concepts and the implementation of intelligent production technology has made us into a model for the industry.