Over Midea Group’s history, the company has always followed the idea of creating a better life for everybody in the world through innovation and technology development.

In Midea Group, we foster an open, just, and fair working environment. We believe in life-long learning and professional growth for our employees, which is why we offer thousands of training sessions a year for our personnel. Our culture is inclusive, and our teams are diverse. We foster a familial atmosphere by bringing Midea Group employees together not just for training, but for recreational and team building activities.

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  • Aiming High

    We possess long sighted vision and are self-driven for excellence, aiming to create value for users and the society for Midea's mission of "Bringing Great Innovations to Life". 

  • Customer First

    We see what customers see, hear what they say, focus on their demands, fully utilize our data and tools to analyze and eliminate their pain points,  promptly provide them effective solutions; and hence generate more value for them.

  • Transformation and Innovation

    We retain a growth mindset and think outside the box, explore the unknown and embrace change. We seek opportunities to improve ourselves and make progress when facing setbacks, adopt a forward-looking approach in work and develop new mindsets for accomplishing tasks.

  • Tolerance and Partnership

    We appreciate differences, embrace diversity, communicate openly and trust companions. We respect such differences and strive to create an inclusive environment, where different viewpoints and roles can bring sparks of innovation. 

  • Dedication and Commitment

    We always be prepared, gain small wins every day, seek truth from facts and walk the talk. This is a time of great changes. We keep our senses sharp, never settle for the status quo and to constantly search for opportunities to improve and evolve.

  • Founder of Midea

    “I would rather give up a business with a profit of one million, than give up a person who brings the right talent to our enterprise.”

     - Mr. He Xiangjian