Midea Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) provides the core product categories of Midea Group. Midea has become the world’s No. 1 small cooking appliances brand*, with an annual production capacity of 100 million sets. We provide products include food preparation appliances, small cooking appliances, fans, and heaters.


$3.3 B
revenue in 2019
17+ B
units per year
  • Categories

    Food preparation appliances: We have a wide range of food preparation appliances, including kettles, blenders, juicers, and mixers. We are the fastest-growing manufacturer of high-speed blenders in China.

    Small cooking appliances: We offer a diverse range of small domestic appliances. In 2019, our small domestic appliances division ranked as the world's No.1 manufacturer in terms of volume*. We are the leading maker of rice cookers, pressure cookers, and electric induction cookers.

    Fans and heaters: We are the largest fan and heater manufacturer in the world. Since 1980, we have built up a successful business manufacturing environmental appliances such as fans, heaters, and garment steamers.

  • Research and Development

    Midea Group has the world’s leading R&D center for small domestic appliances. Our small domestic appliances product division won the China product design gold awards in both 2010 and 2017. The year 2018 brought a major breakthrough when we won the China golden awards for patents. Our patent applications now top 23,000, which makes us first in terms of small domestic appliances.

  • Latest Technology

    We are technology-driven, striving to provide superior products to make your life better and easier.

    Multi-Stage Induction Heating (IH) Technology

    We have developed rice cookers with multi-stage IH technology to help you cook perfect rice every time. Its comprehensive and omnidirectional heating makes fluffy rice quicker and more efficiently.

    IH Boiling Technology

    By controlling the pressure, our pressure cookers keep the juices surrounding the food boiling more evenly for maximum taste.

    Uniform Heating Technology

    Our induction cookers ensure even heat distribution by using a coil plate that is 56% larger than regular models.

  • Quality Control

    We have established a range of quality policies and quality assurance tools, such as Six Sigma, SPC, and QEP. The Midea Group has put in place a quality management process that covers all aspects from quality management and user experience to spare parts and DEM management, as well as inspections to monitor the manufacturing quality of cooking, beverage, and food appliances.

*Midea - World`s No.1 Small Cooking Appliances Brand
Footnote: “Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 20ed, per Small Cooking Appliances category definition, retail volume sales in units, 2019 data.”