As Midea Group continues to grow, we want you to be a part of our teams and vision. Learn more about what it’s like working at Midea Group, discover our company culture, and see our open positions right now.

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  • Functions

    No matter what you are specialized in,
    you will find the right platform here.

  • Working Environment

    We value and nurture talent, which is why we are keen to follow a talent strategy that values human capital over capital appreciation. 

    We help our employees succeed and our employees help Midea Group succeed. 
    We foster an open, just, and fair employment environment. 
    We believe in internal mobility and the development of our employees. 
    We encourage high-level talent from all over the world. 
    We offer a performance appraisal based on a target oriented responsibility system. 

  • After Work Activities

    After work, change your stage and let’s have fun!

    Each business division in Midea Group organizes various games and competitions not only for fun and team building but also to promote the spirit of athletic sports, solidarity, hard work, harmony and friendship among our employees.