The refrigerator division is the Midea Group’s number one exporter in the consumer appliances segment. Headquartered in Hefei, China, we research, develop, manufacture, and export refrigerator products with a variety of designs, sizes, and functions, from four-door fridges and side-by-side models to wine coolers, compact fridges and various freezer models.

$16.65 M
annual sales volume
staff in the R&D center
  • Categories

    The Midea Group entered the refrigeration market in 2001, and has been focused on creating refrigerators to meet a range of needs ever since. The Midea Refrigerator division has developed technology that our products are the very best, from their aesthetic appearance right down to the smallest design details. Our products are manufactured, distributed, and sold around the world. With a team of 1000+ researchers behind us, we continue to offer a diverse portfolio of products featuring the latest technology and innovation.

  • Research and Development

    We have over 1000 R&D employees in our Refrigeration Division developing the latest in refrigerator technology.

    We have 20 laboratories, 788 workstations and 4817 patents.

    Our annual innovation input is approximately USD 80 million.

  • Latest Technology

    Smart Refrigerator

    Make your life easier with our smart refrigerator incorporating an AI system. With smart food management, the user-friendly nutrition analysis function can make every meal into a healthy, nutritious one. The Smart refrigerator can also make recommendations for your personalized cooking needs.

    Light freezing technology

    Meat stays unfrozen yet fresh, and easy to cut, making it ready to cook any time you want.

    Humidity SmartAdapt

    The sensors identify any items you put in and match the humidity to the food, to keep everything fresh for longer.

    PST technology

    The PST compartment produces ions and electrons which can deactivate germs and absorb odor. The cooling air helps keep food fresh for longer.

  • Quality Control

    In our Six Sigma quality management facilities we carry out a 100% core-check of important components. We also have key step control and advanced online testing facilities, and run checks at our internal standards testing center for quality control.