Since producing its first microwave in 1999, Midea has grown to become the world’s largest major appliances manufacturer*. The Midea Microwave & Cleaning Appliances Division (MCA) integrates a range of activities from R&D through production and marketing, with a staff of 9,000. MCA boasts a complete microwave oven industry chain, as well as one of the largest microwave oven manufacturing base in the world. 

$2.38 B
revenue in 2019
R&D centers around the world
authorized patents
  • Categories

    We supply a comprehensive range of home appliances to enhance any kitchen. We specialize in kitchen hoods, hobs, ovens, microwaves, slow cookers, dishwashers, and food waste disposers. We are dedicated to providing better kitchen appliances for consumers in a wide range of product categories. Through continuous innovation, our kitchen appliance division always offers optimal cooking solutions.

  • Research and Development

    The Midea Kitchen Division specializes in the research, development, production, and sale of kitchen hoods, stoves, sterilizing cabinets, and dishwashers. Our domestic laboratory resources in Shunde not only focus on developing the core components of our appliances, but also work on energy efficiency, reliability, electric control room, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and safety compliance, so we can produce the best kitchen appliances using the latest technology.

    We invest at least 3% of our sales revenue in R&D every year, which allows us to attract the world’s top R&D talent. This investment is a part of our mission to create innovations that will become the standards of tomorrow.

  • Lean Manufacturing

    We are committed to implementing lean manufacturing in automation, informatization, modular manufacturing and logistics with the aim of increasing production efficiency while lowering costs. We strive to lead the industry by applying advanced manufacturing concepts and using intelligent production technology.

  • Eco Friendly Solutions

    The Malong facility was designed with environmental friendliness and energy conservation measures in mind. It uses the latest technology to enhance energy efficiency while using the land economically, providing a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly solution.

*Midea - World`s No.1 Major Appliances Producer
Footnote: “Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 20ed, per Major Appliance category definition, producer volume in units, 2019 data.”