Midea Group’s Electro-Mechanical Business Group is specialized in ‘humanizing’ our latest technology and providing core component solutions for household appliances, automobile industrial control and 3C industry with high precision level.

90 M
air conditioner compressors (unit, annual capacity)
38 M
refrigerator compressors (unit, annual capacity)
220 M
motors (unit, annual capacity)
  • Categories

    We are the leading supplier of compressors, motors and chips for light commercial air conditioners, household air conditioners, washing machines and, refrigerators. Our products are also widely used in dehumidifiers, heat-pump heating systems, heat-pump water heaters, dryers, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, water dispensers, refrigerated vehicles, and car air conditioners.

  • Research and Development

    The Components business unit has seven research centers, with some of the best R&D facilities in the industry.

    By the end of 2019, a total of 4000+ patents had been granted, including compressor and motor.

  • Latest Technology

    As a part of our commitment to green product design, we follow the “green, efficient, small, quiet and smart” philosophy.

    Our proprietary independent compression technique, the use of ultra-high-speed technology, environmentally friendly refrigerant, and many more innovative technologies all contribute to helping our clients solve their critical problems.

  • GMCC Quality Control

    The failure rate of our products is lower than 9 PPM, which has helped us to earn trust among our customers.

    Implementing lean, informationized, and automated digital factories enables us to offer high quality and low-cost products with higher efficiency and shorter delivery times.