I-CCC has been one of the star products of GMCC over the recent years. The independent compression technology innovates the energy-efficient solution of air conditioners. With the aid of independent compression of flash gas, the energy efficiency of the jet cycle has been effectively improved, and the APF energy efficiency of the inverter air conditioning system is thereby increased by more than 11%.


GMCC has long been involved in research and the application of environmentally-friendly refrigerants and has released the first compressor products featuring R407C, R410A, CO2, R290, R32, and other green refrigerants over the past decade. Its two United Nations exemplary R290 compressor production lines passed acceptance inspection at the end of 2014, and the company is now producing the widely-used R290 compressors for various types and models in large volumes for customers all over the world.


GMCC newly developed the X series high-efficiency inverter refrigerator compressor, which is an economical inverter refrigerator compressor that is popular across the world. It can intelligently adjust the revolution of the compressor, so that it can save energy by 20% for the refrigerator. It also has a 180° sine wave ultra-silent control, so the noise of the compressor is as low as 32dB.


150,000 rpm Ultra high-speed motor: Small size, high efficiency, low noise. Ring winding, with two poles and six slots. Natural inner air duct. Vibration without downtime. Run by a 3-phase variable frequency inverter without a chopper.


Welling ECM motors for commercial coil fans - the energy-efficiency thermostatic motor technology solution. Constant torque inversion motor technology and high-efficiency and low-noise control technology.
Intelligent air supply, balancing room temperature and ensuring thermostatic and comfortable space. Safe and reliable silicone potting, implementing power control protection.


Welling BLDC motors for drum washing machines - the intelligent quick-washing motor technology solution. Quick start technology of position-less sensors, effectively reduces washing time. Sine wave vector control drive, effectively reduces noise and vibration. Intelligent imbalance sensing technology, implements quick balance and minimizes noise.