Midea Group’s R&A Division is centered in ‘humanizing’ technology and providing solutions for ‘Future Factories’.

Our product portfolio incorporates industrial robots and solutions, logistic automation and transmission systems as well as medical care and entertainment solutions.

robotics and industrial automation bases
€3.2 B
KUKA revenue
  • Midea Motion Control

    Following the acquisition of Servotronix, an Israeli hi-tech company with more than 30 years of expertise in the industry, Midea Motion Control now offers a complete range of industry-leading motion control products and solutions. We offer comprehensive customized motion control system solutions for different applications and industries including robotics, CNC, lithium batteries, 3C, packing, printing, textile manufacturing, and more.

  • Midea Industrial Automation

    Besides providing a professional service platform that supports production automation internally throughout the Midea Group, Midea Industrial Automation is also a mainstream service provider and system integrator of intelligent manufacturing solutions for the general manufacturing sector. Our business covers three main segments: production process automation, logistics automation and robotics, and automation services.