Persisting in the mission for green technology, GMCC continues to develop and upgrade its products to enhance their ecofriendliness,
efficiency, size, intelligence, and noise. Compared with products from 10 years ago, the energy efficiency of the present GMCC compressors has been improved by more than 10%, and 5 billion kilowatts/hour can be saved each year which is equal to 1/9 of the energy generated by the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.


Welling continues to input a large number of research resources and introduces more than 130 sets of noise/vibration test equipment and analysis software, as well as equipment for compressor simulating air conditioning gas loading tests, durability tests, motor performance tests, etc. costing 200,000,000 RMB. Welling motors established the Shanghai R&D center and hired foreign experts and senior engineers as the main force of its technical R&D division to form an R&D team. The team has international motor experts as leaders, PhD holders as core members and masters in the leading roles for the study of foundational technology, core technology, as well as prospective technology in the motor industry; currently, this team has obtained more than 100 patents.


GMCC and Welling continuously input a large number of research resources. This helps us introduce internationally advanced noise/vibration test instruments and analysis software as well as equipment for compressor simulating air conditioning gas loading tests, durability tests, and motor performance tests, etc., to master and naturally achieve environmental protection refrigerant R290 technology and high-speed technology that is leading around the world.


GMCC & Welling, with the open attitude of the industrial leader, maintain firm communication and cooperation with domestic and international manufacturers, research institutions, and higher education institutions to improve their R&D capability gradually. They also established a strategic cooperation partnership with Toshiba Joint-Stock Company, Japan and maintain regular communication; they host exchanges and publish academic papers in the highest educational institution in the international refrigeration field - Purdue University, US, to make a professional contribution to the world.