The automated, information-based smart factory creates a lean manufacturing model with high quality, high efficiency, low cost, and short delivery time. We work to continuously improve the lean manufacturing level and innovate the production process. The company's production efficiency has increased by more than 10% every year, and the product failure rate is less than nine parts per million (9 PPM).



An integral lean information system lays a solid foundation for GMCC's entire business. GMCC has constructed a closed-loop manufacturing collaboration system featuring plan driving, purchase synergy, logistic coordination, and manufacturing execution, and has achieved a prototype of an agile digital factory boasting integration, visualization, and informatization, thereby significantly reducing product delivery time, stock, as well as the number of operators.



GMCC applies a man-machine interactive operation on a large scale. With manual material being replaced by RGV, manual recognition that's being replaced by visual CGV, logistics/production/test being automated, and compressor production also becoming automated, this means that GMCC scale, efficiency, quality, and cost significantly improve.


Quality control

GMCC builds scientific, accurate, and efficient product inspection systems to ensure product quality. With more than 81 tests and more than 2000 hours of continuous running, GMCC product performance and quality offer sufficient guarantee, and with the offline engineering rate being below 9PPM, this ensures that compressors can run for 10 years long under extreme conditions.


Energy saving and emission reduction

GMCC has established perfect energy management systems, and the energy consumption indices are integrated into department checks. GMCC promotes projects in production, such as the use of reclaimed water, the energy-saving rebuilding of central air conditioning, the energy-saving rebuilding of biomass boilers, the rebuilding of compressor integration control, the rebuilding of the residual heat of boilers and so on. GMCC's yearly unit expenditure on power decreases by 2%.