Midea Industrial Internet

Midea Industrial Internet (M.IoT), is committed to connecting developers and enterprises with Midea Group’s intelligent manufacturing business practices, our industrial Big Data platform, KUKA robotics, and our automation capabilities with developers and enterprises.


M.IoT works within our 24 hour online industrial services at four levels:

Complete value chain digitalization APP (Saas)
Industrial Cloud Platform (Industrial Paas)
SCADA online platform/edge computing
Robotics and automation.

M.IoT not only provides a cloud connection and aggregates huge volumes of industrial data, but also integrates industrial mechanisms, business practice generation research, production, sales, and full value chain integration solutions. Our Smart Data cloud service acts as an external carrier for Midea’s Industrial Internet, which externalizes services by providing intelligent manufacturing software and digitization solutions.  


Midea Industrial Internet facilitates the integration of software and hardware. The software side includes Midea’s full value chain support kit, together with the industry’s innovative Visual Components’ simulation software. On the hardware side, M.IoT assists with KUKA and our world-class robotics and automation services, enabling us to deliver the best possible services for our business.  

M.IoT is founded on the trinity of manufacturing knowledge, software, and hardware, and our deep understanding of manufacturing is what sets us above other producers. From processing raw materials to the production of core components to electronics, injection molding, and sheet metal through the final assembly, we have over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, which gives us a clear competitive edge. With strong cloud computing capability for industrial brain and AI technologies, M.IoT endows the business system with intelligent processing capability and helps enterprises move forwards into the age of intelligent manufacturing. The available functions include AI soft QC, equipment prediction, process parameter recommendation, face recognition, and many more.

Taking Midea’s electric appliance manufacturing as an example, through M.IoT:

•    We have reduced our raw materials inventory by 80%. 
•    Our failure rate has decreased by 36%. 
•    We have increased production efficiency by 17%.
•    We have reduced fault response time by 57%
•    Artificial intelligence quality testing has slashed inspection costs by 55%. 
•    External appearance assessment accuracy has improved 80%.
•    Abnormal response time has been cut by 75%.  

M.IoT provides customized digital transformation services for large enterprises and package solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises through MeiYunZhiShu, covering more than 200 businesses in over 20 different sectors.