Midea Group’s new ESG brand film tells the story of a factory visit from our most important VIP guests. They get to see first-hand the group's impressive commitment to sustainability and responsible practices with initiatives that continue to embrace a greener and brighter future together. Join them on this delightful journey through our R&D, Manufacturing and Innovation centers.


Midea Group aspires to the vision of “Bringing Great Innovations to Life”, upholding the Founders’ philosophy of creating a better life through technology. Midea Group has evolved into a global leading technology company specializing in five major business areas including Smart Home Business, Industrial and Building Technologies, Robotics &Automation, and Digital Innovation. Over the past five years, we have invested $8 Bn USD in R&D and developed a global network spanning 33 R&D centers and 40 major production sites across the world. At present, Midea Group’s products and services serve more than 500 million customers in over 200 countries and regions encompassing a brand portfolio containing Little Swan, Toshiba, WAHIN, COLMO, Clivet, Eureka, KUKA, GMCC, Welling, LINVOL, and Wandong.