New F&B spot has it all from live music halls with sell-out shows to restaurants playing the latest movies

Whether its foodies from all over China coming to try the local congee or double-skinned milk or art lovers traveling near and far to see exhibitions from the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Bernar Venet at He Art Museum, Shunde has always been a place with plenty to see and do. With the opening of the ALSO creative space in Beijiao, the must-do list when in Shunde just got longer.


Located right beside Midea Group HQ, the eclectic mix of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars wrap round in a U-shape looking in on a green space dotted with trees that regularly plays host to exciting pop-up vendors as well as hosting some of the biggest events in the area.


ALSO is a great spot to hit during the day. Those looking for a business lunch can consider trying King Thaia, with their vibrant takes on classic Thai dishes, or Initial Noodles, with its menu of Northern Chinese favorites and sleek minimalist décor.


Visitors are also spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee. They can head to Mate Made for a taste of life down under and enjoy some of the finest Australian coffee you can find outside of Sydney or head next door to Amian Bakery where they serve coffee that is as fresh as their fantastic bread selection.


Any bookworms looking for a coffee are recommended to walk further along to OW Space. Part-book store and part-café, OW Space boasts a lovely outdoor seating area on their second floor, where customers can take a seat to enjoy a coffee and a book against the backdrop of Midea Group HQ and He Art Museum.

ALSO gets even more lively in the evenings where concerts can often be found being held at ALSO LIVE. The music venue is Foshan’s largest live house and the state-of-the-art venue has already played host to a mixture of exciting upcoming artists as well as legendary cult bands


If you are not in the mood for music, you can also catch a movie at Cinker Pictures where they put a twist on the cinemagoing experience. When you enter Cinker Pictures, you will be greeted by an art nouveau decor inspired by Maxim’s, arguably the most famous restaurant in Paris. Diners can enjoy a selection of fine European cuisine including Gambas al Ajillo and Sea Urchin Linguine. Later, diners can take in one of the latest movie releases in one of Cinker Pictures’ three intimate movie screens with comfy recliners while enjoying movie-inspired cocktails from the likes of La La Land.


If you are feeling like a bite to eat after rolling out of a concert or coming out of a movie, there’s Yakiniku Bar. There visitors can enjoy some late-night Japanese BBQ served the way it is intended to be enjoyed from Snow Beef Ribs to Thinly Sliced Wagyu Beef Tongue.


Those looking for something special to do on a Saturday or Sunday can head down to ALSO where most weekends they are organizing outdoor events; from Summer Markets, where visitors can explore local arts and crafts as well as sample some homemade cakes and treats, to Pet Weekends, where family’s can bring their furry loved ones along to try fun obstacle courses or even skateboarding.


As Shunde continues to grow, more and more exciting places like ALSO are certain to open. In the meanwhile, however, why not go catch one of China’s hottest new bands passing through on their tour at ALSO LIVE, see the latest Hollywood release while enjoying a romantic dinner, or head over to OW Space on a quiet afternoon and get lost in a book while enjoying a coffee.