Posted: 03.08.2022

The 2022 Fortune Global 500 announced Midea Group being for its seventh consecutive year climbing up, this year another 43 ranks to #245.


In Midea Group’s 2021 Annual Report, the company's annual revenue grew 28.5% from USD41.44bn in 2020 to USD53.26bn* (RMB343.4bn).


Midea Group adheres to its credo and strategic focus on ‘Humanizing Technology’ and accelerates its technology-driven transformation.


Midea Group comprises of five strategic business pillars: Smart Home, Electro-Mechanical, Building Technologies, Robotics & Automation and Digital Innovation.


Within the company's B2C areas, the ‘Smart Home Division’ is committed to providing most consumer-centric experiences through a whole-house smart appliances and services approach using IoT and AI technology. Each of the group's over 15 home appliances brands always act under the overarching Midea Group credo how to best ‘humanize’ the most innovative ‘technology’.


For the B2B areas, Midea Group focuses on developing business areas such as Robotics & Automation, Building Technologies, Energy Management, Smart Travel, and Midea Healthcare, but also further strengthening the transformation and upgrading of Digital Innovation business areas such as Annto, Midea Cloud.


Midea Group is in the middle of an evolution from a traditional home appliance company with more than 15 globally strategically focused brands across over 69 sub-categories into an innovation-driven technology group.


Midea Group’s Industrial Technology heavily invests in green energy and high-precision products, with its digital building service platform, Midea Group’s Building Technologies provide one-stop solutions that are intelligent, digital, and low-carbon.


The Robotics & Automation division focuses on providing solutions for industrial robotics, automatic logistics systems, and transmission systems for future factory-related fields, as well as solutions for healthcare, entertainment, and future consumption fields.


The Digital Innovation Business provides solutions and services for the digital transformation of enterprises.


In addition, Midea Group has been seeking further global breakthroughs. Recently, COSCO-owned CSP Abu Dhabi signed an agreement with Midea Group on the joint construction of a globally strategic warehouse transit center in the Middle East.


Midea Group is proud to have a family of approximately 166,000 global employees.




*Exchange Rate applied: 6.447358


About Midea Group
Midea Group’s business goes beyond home appliances and in early 2021 the company streamlined its core business units into five high-growth business groups to pave the new future growth path: Smart Home, Electro-Mechanical, Building Technologies, Robotics & Automation and Digital Innovation.


All businesses of Midea Group are striving for one credo: #HumanizingTechnology.


Midea Group’s globally 35 production centers and over 166,000 employees in more than 200 countries and regions generated an annual revenue of more than USD53.26billion in 2021 ranking the company #245 at the Global Fortune 500 list of 2022. Midea’s 28 worldwide innovation centers and the strong commitment to R&D have resulted in more than 62,000 authorized patents to-date.



Brando Brandstaeter
Head of Global Brand Management & Communication
Midea Group – International Business Division