Posted: 10.09.2019

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) opened on September 6, local time. Global renowned scientists and technicians gathered to highlight their own "magic technology".


COLMO, a high-end brand of AI technology household appliances, presents four scenarios: living, washing, kitchen and bathroom. It deduces wonderful stories in the field of smart household appliances with the interconnection and intercommunication of whole scenario of intelligent household appliances.


COLMO air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and other new products are launched in IFA. COLMO, as the world's first whole-scene AI household appliances brand, has been sought after by exhibitors and media all over the world.

Receiving Two Golden Awards for IDG Technological Innovation: Frontier Science and Technology Blooming on the World Stage

At 2019 IFA, COLMO not only captured the eyes of many consumers, but also won high recognition in the professional field. With the testimony of world-renowned household appliances brand exhibitors, media, and nearly 10,000 exhibitors, COLMO won two gold medals for IDG technology innovation: COLMO electric water heater FUTURE series phase change storage hot water tank CFXH2050 won the IDG technology innovation Gold Award, COLMO TURNING series air conditioner KFR - 35GW/CK1C-9 won the IAQ Technology Innovation Gold Award.

As a global electronic wind vane for household appliances, the application and innovation of new technologies such as AI, IoT and 5G have become the latest focus of 2019 IFA. With the continuous advancement of AI technology, the home appliances industry is speeding up on the road of intellectualization and IoT. However, at present, many high-end smart homes still remain in the stage of "networking of household appliances" and the user's intellectualized experience is not enough. AI technology is not only empowered, but also more empowered in daily life. COLMO service meets the needs of high-end consumers, which is the frontier scientific and technological hard power of its excellence.

The outstanding advantages of COLMO lie in human interaction, in-depth learning and expert system. The future development direction of COLMO AI technology household appliances is AI technology enabling, product and service, and user-centered customization. To achieve this, we need a strong technology platform. It is understood that the AI technology platform of COLMO includes the underlying AI infrastructure, AI perception, AI cloud brain and AI service. Visual perception, voice interaction system and AI cloud brain are the core technologies. Around it, COLMO has 78 AI engineers distributed in Silicon Valley Future Technology Research Center, Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Shunde Headquarters, including the Group IoT team and various business departments. It invests more than 1 billion yuan a year in research and development. The goal is to improve the environmental awareness of household appliances products in the next 3-5 years. Cognitive, decision-making and understanding capabilities, so that COLMO products more personalized, thus accurately customizing various life scenarios.

Cross-border Dialogue International Frontier Designer

New Bauhaus Doctrine Leads Home Trend

At the exhibition, COLMO invited international designers from different fields to conduct a cross-border Forum on the new Bauhaus design. The famous fashion designer Ms. Lulù Poletti, the expert in international cooperation Professor Berthod Kuhn, Director of Industrial Design of COLMO Mr. Jin Ou, and the senior designer of COLMO Milan Design Center Mr. Ivan, made a wonderful share of the design concept of COLMO products.

COLMO releases users' rational space through pioneer design, allowing global super-individuals to explore the world freely, enrich life experience, and stimulate inspiration through efficient empowerment. There are three key points in COLMO's design concept: first, in the design language, the new Bauhaus design concept, pursuing the balance between avant-garde design and original texture, is the manifestation of modern concise concept. Secondly, in structural modeling, the concept of "geometric creation" is introduced to minimize splicing and to show the pursuit of rational aesthetics from three dimensions of point, line and surface. Finally, and most importantly, COLMO hopes that household electrical appliances can become home-based art, so as far as possible, the original texture of the product, derived from natural elements, can be perfectly integrated with the modern home environment. Ivan said, the main color of COLMO BLANC series products' “star grey" is derived from the colour and lustre of Mont Blanc rocks shining in the sky, while the "dawn gold" on the products is inspired by the first ray of sunshine casted on Mont Blanc at dawn."

When talking about the design of this refrigerator's lava panel, Mr. Jin Ou, the Director of Industrial Design of COLMO, said: "Innovative application of lava elements fits the global super-individual aesthetic preferences, redefines art-grade home aesthetics. COLMO refrigerator is not only a work, but also transmit the COLMO brand attitude and spirit of solicitation to global users continuously.

Layout whole-scene of AI appliances

COLMO build a new prospect of future human settlements

COLMO sets take the lead in achieving cross-technology and cross-scenario upgrading. According to different scenarios in family life, such as living, washing, kitchen, bathroom and so on, it build the overall product image of the system, provide personalized interactive solution of "whole house interaction" in family life, and bring users multi-scenario home life experience.

COLMO's first whole-scene AI technology household appliances, including Turing air conditioner, BLANC series washing machines, lava series refrigerators, phase change water heaters and other hard core products, have become the focus of IFA as soon as they appear. For example, in the living scene, the AI wisdom eye of Turing air conditioner can calculate the human body's cold and heat sensation through infrared detection algorithm and self-determination cold and heat sensation calculation model, so as to automatically adjust the running state and keep the human body in a comfortable environment; in the washing scene, BLANC series washing machines can be wise through the built-in AI camera. It can identify clothing information and provide precise washing mode for different clothing with the help of depth learning algorithm. In the kitchen scene, the world's first lava panel refrigerator, through in-depth study of 194 kinds of food materials and food use scenarios in the scene, and in-depth study of temperature, humidity, air, light and nutrition value in five-dimensional integration. In addition, three AI fresh-keeping technologies, microcrystalline one-week fresh, fruit and vegetable fresh cabin and DPS + rapid sterilization, have been created respectively, and a complete "AI whole-food fresh-wise" scheme has been created for meat, vegetables and cooked food in daily life. COLMO presents the world's first full-scale scenario of AI technology appliances, realizing the interconnection of intelligent family life, bringing a new concept of technological human settlements for IFA.

At the 2019 WAIC, COLMO released the first "AI Technology White Paper" for household appliances industry. At the same time, it also showed the appraisal results of the level of scientific and technological innovation of COLMO from the perspective of international frontier technology, jointly by China Light Industry Federation and expert group. Washing machine image technology and washing technology are the first to be used in the field of household appliances. COLMO voice interactive solution, oven image technology and directional heating technology, research and application of key technologies of multi-dimensional adjustment of microclimate in air-conditioning room, and core technology of automatic artificial intelligence rice cooker have reached the international leading level.

In the future, through AI appliances, COLMO will not only make appliances "think" and "understand", so that home appliances can truly "understand" more users' needs and "understand" the language and emotions of users, but will also be committed to achieving AI technology appliances as trusted partners in people's lives. Science and technology is not only the embodiment of human beings, but also an extension.