Posted: 21.06.2022

Midea has launched its first U.S. brand campaign. The concept is centered on a fictional ‘Chief Idea Officer’ played by actor and comedian Sam Richardson of HBO’s “Veep” and Netflix's “The Afterparty”.


The campaign depicts how all of Midea’s surprisingly friendly innovations are solely attributed to ‘CIO’ Richardson, who appears in consumers’ homes, pointing out every Midea product as “My-Idea”.


Midea believes that home is a very special place, and the moments spent there are precious. The brand’s credo is to provide a wide range of surprisingly friendly products that uplift consumers’ mood - just like Richardson does with his performance as CIO.


Much to the surprise of engineers and consumers alike - the CIO takes credit for all of those surprisingly friendly innovations, such as the Midea U window air conditioner and its unique U-shaped design allowing to almost totally close the window and keep the noise ‘outside’ the home, the Midea Cube with three times the capacity of traditional dehumidifiers that consequently reduces the number of times needed to empty the water tank, and when not in use, is twisted and shrank into a storable-friendly size, and Midea’s Front Load Washer with DVC (Dynamic Vibration Control) that significantly reduces vibrations, and hence minimizes the undesirable noise throughout the home.


“As Midea’s newly appointed fictitious Chief Idea Officer, I’m excited to bring these scenarios to life, where every product is inspired by ‘My-Idea’. The films are funny and clever while introducing the audience to this awesome brand. We shot these spots over three days, and I must have said ‘Midea’ about 10,000 times - making for an unforgettable experience as I collaborated with the brand on their first U.S. campaign.” said Sam Richardson.


Midea has one of the world’s most extensive product portfolios with 69 sub-categories within air-treatment, refrigeration, laundry products, dishwashers, ovens, hobs and hoods, microwaves, and a vast range of small kitchen appliances, water appliances, vacuum cleaners, and lighting.


One of the campaign's hero products, the Midea U, has been awarded “The Best Air Conditioner” twice in a row by The New York Times’ “Wirecutter”.


Midea's surprisingly friendly products invite you to ‘make yourself at home’ (the brand’s slogan) - an idea that the CIO would be sure to claim as "My-Idea", too!


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