Midea, the world’s largest producer of major appliances announces a new product BreezeleSS+ at Climatización & Refrigeración (C&R 2019)

Posted: 20.03.2019

The 7,928 holes with hour-glass structure on the deflector can scatter and soften the cold air generated, leaving only the cooling sensation without noticeable draft.


Madrid--Climatización & Refrigeración is one of the leading trade fairs for air-conditioning, ventilation, cooling and heating technology in Europe. The Exhibition is taking place at IFEMA from 26 February 2019 to 1 March 2019, gathering the latest innovations in air conditioning industry over the world. Along with other leading brands in Europe such as Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric, Midea also plays a part in the fair with its latest technology breakthroughs.

Among all of its air treatment solutions exhibited at the booth, Midea highlights a brand-new split AC, BreezeleSS+, which claims to equip several new technologies through Midea’s engineering expertise to satisfy those who have the highest standard of the cooling experience.

BreezeleSS+ highlights are symbolized from three aspects including Speed, Soft and Surround. With ultra-high inverter compressor operation speed (65Hz within 6s), ultra-fast fan wheel spinning, and ultra-wide air outlet (70mm), BreezeleSS+ can rapidly decrease the room temperate within 60 seconds. The deflector design with 7,928 hour-glass structure holes is the key identifier of BreezeleSS+. These holes on the deflectors accelerate, scatter, and diverge the air at the same time, thereby significantly softening the cool air that it generates and creating an “immersive cooling experience”, a unique feautre which frees people from the strong wind draft that used to be seen inevitable for an air conditioner. Meanwhile, BreezeleSS+ is the first and only split AC that equips the “side outlet” in the world. The S-Wing design outlets on two sides of BreezeleSS+ work along with the front out and disperses the cool air from, helping BreezeleSS+ AC to be able to cool down the room more evenly and effectively than conventional air conditioners.

Midea also launched an exclusive panel design in the fair, which portrayed Zephyr, the west wind god in ancient Mythology, blowing soothing breeze across the panel, a metaphor of the sensation that Midea BreezeleSS+ will bring to the consumers in Europe.


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Olivia Ou