New solution from Midea Group capable of supporting all smart home brands unveiled at IFA Berlin

Posted: 01.09.2023

[Berlin, September 1st] Midea Group topped off its return to IFA this year with the official launch of its brand new SmartHome app. The neutral app is capable of supporting the entire range of brands of the Fortune Global 500 company and has already been met with widespread acclaim including winning a Red Dot Design Award.

By opening up the app to all Midea Group smart home brands, SmartHome also opens up a whole host of new possibilities. Consumers no longer need to have a different app for each brand. SmartHome is capable of providing a one-app solution where the setup and interface are the same for each device regardless of which Midea Group brand it is.

With all Midea Group brands capable of being housed inside one single app, the opportunities for interconnectivity increase exponentially. Where before a consumer may be unable to control the temperature and humidity in their home because the air conditioner and dehumidifier belonged to different brands, now they can be set to work in tandem to provide a perfect welcome home after work. Where once a washer and dryer may work separately despite being next to each other in the kitchen, now the washer can communicate what type of load is being washed so the dryer can choose the most suitable drying program that gives consumers laundry that feels dry and fresh.


The launch of SmartHome also saw a series of other new exciting features added to the app. In the current climate, few issues are more important to consumers than energy saving and a whole new energy dashboard has been developed for the SmartHome app. This enables consumers to closely monitor their energy usage in across all the connected devices in their home and receive energy-saving tips based on usage trends.

This emphasis on environmental friendliness is also reflected in the refreshed UI of the app that boasts a green color scheme along with a cleaner layout. The UX has also been optimized to provide consumers with a seamless user journey that offers an intuitive design every step of the way including an overhauled home screen that makes it easier to control devices. All of these updates have led to SmartHome winning a Red Dot Design Award for Brands & Communication Design.


While the app has already been well received and won awards, the launch of SmartHome represents what is just the beginning of an exciting journey to a more open, more connected, and ultimately, smarter home. As the tasks that devices are capable of become more advanced and the ways they can talk to each other multiply, consumers will be able to use the SmartHome app to tap into the true potential of their home.


Midea Group, established in 1968, is a leading global high-technology company ranked #278 on the 2023 Fortune Global 500 list, and one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturing companies which businesses go beyond smart home appliances. In early 2021, the company streamlined its core units into five high-growth business pillars to pave the new future growth path: Smart Home, Electro-Mechanical, Building Technologies, Robotics & Automation and Digital Innovation.

All business of Midea Group are striving for one credo: #HumanizingTechnology

Midea Group’s 40 global production centers and approximately 166,000 employees in more than 200 countries and regions generated an annual revenue of more than USD 51.39 billion in 2022. It’s 31 worldwide innovation centers and the strong commitment to R&D have resulted in more than 80,000 patents granted to-date.