Corporate Research Center (CRC)

Established in 2014


The Corporate Research Center (CRC) is Midea’s top research institute, and focuses on transferring long-term research into common technology, core technology, prospective technological studies, and disruptive product platform innovation.

Serving as Midea Group’s research headquarters, CRC brings the latest trends in global research together with development resources, while promoting global R&D distribution in the USA, Germany, and Italy, along with its R&D Centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen in China.

The focus of CRC’s research includes technological development in :

· Basic technologies like hydromechanics, solid mechanics, and thermodynamics ;

· Intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence and sensors ; and

· Future technologies including IPM , Wireless Power Transmission , and Robotic Technologies.

When CRC founded, specialist teams focusing on user research and product innovation were also established.


Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

Established in 2015


The Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Research Center focuses on using AI technologies to empower smart home appliances, smart business solutions, intelligent manufacturing, etc. We work closely with the Silicon Valley Emerging Technology Center to achieve major technological breakthroughs and apply innovative solutions to the Midea Group’s smart appliances.


Shanghai Motor and Drive Control Institute

Established in 2016


The Shanghai Motor and drive Control Institute is a leading institute which conducts innovative research on novel motors, advanced drives and controls for home appliance application.


Shanghai Design Center

Established in 2015


The Shanghai Design Center’s main area of technological expertise is User eXperience Innovation (UXI) and user research, focusing on advanced product innovation to provide a new experience and take user interaction to the next level. The Shanghai Design Center’s multidisciplinary team of leading professionals follow a strategic research plan to create exciting innovative concepts and new, lifestyle-driven product categories that secure the Midea Group’s place at the cutting edge of design and technology.


The Midea America Research Center (MARC)

Established in 2015


The Midea America Research Center (MARC) in Louisville, Kentucky, is the Midea Group’s US research hub, working on R&D, innovation, and the product development strategy for our US branded products and expanding existing product categories.  Our experts at MARC give the Midea Group its deep understanding of the US appliance industry, its trends, and its customers.  They explore technology and product innovation and generate US patents, providing technical support for the product categories within the group’s North American business. This Center also actively participates in standard-setting bodies and interacts with government regulatory organizations and third-party testing agencies.


Silicon Valley Emerging Technology Center(ETC)

Established in 2016


Midea Silicon Valley Emerging Technology Center (ETC) is located in San Jose, California, and focuses primarily on the field of artificial intelligence technology research and application, including computer vision, speech, data science , and industrial AI solutions. Located in Silicon Valley, the world’s top talent and resource portal, ETC will help Midea Group to establish global partnerships with top industry leaders and to support the applications of cutting-edge technologies in Midea home appliances.


The Milan Design Center(MDC)

Established in 2017


The Milan Design Center (MDC) focuses on trend research and advanced design, employing local talent with diverse experience. MDC also benefits from a wealth of local resources thanks to Milan’s leading position in the fashion, architecture, and home furnishing industries. The Design Center implements new user experience designs and crosses over into innovative breakthroughs in collaboration with the head-office design teams, while providing direction and archetype designs for Midea Group’s global design.


The Midea Germany Research and Development Center

Established in 2017


Midea’s Research and Development Center in Germany is based in Stuttgart, one of the country’s most important locations for innovation and technology. This Center has teams of top specialists from Europe’s household electrical appliances industry working to support the R&D team and our Headquarters R&D team on local consumer-guided product innovation.

This Center approaches leading businesses from the relevant sectors, as well as the directors of top institutions, with a view to forging close technological partnerships. Our researchers work to bring us the latest cutting-edge research outcomes and innovation know-how, to boost the Midea Group’s ground-breaking product technology developments and new product R&D.