Multi-Airflow Floor Standing AC

Winner of AWE Gold Awards in 2019


The Multi-Airflow Floor Standing AC is the world’s first disrotatory air conditioner, coming with an Al-Unique Wind Channel Innovative design, and the first AC to use disrotatory technology in the industry. It cools with a breezeless and 20-meter airstream, while also cooling the surroundings by reaching every corner of the space used.


Micro-Climate Manager

Winner of the Product Innovation Award at the IFA Exhibition in Germany in 2018


This is the world’s first micro-climate manager. Coming with integrated advantage technology, this micro-climate manager scientifically adjusts all five properties of air climate: air flow, humidity, temperature, purity, and freshness. Create an ideal micro-climate model for your family, and enjoy 12 climate samples from around the world.


AI Rice Cooker

Our rice cooker comes with artificial intelligent technology that offers precise metering and water control, as well as a fully automatic cooking process.


LBR iiwa

The LBR iiwa is the world’s first series-produced sensitive, HRC-compatible robot. This marks the beginning of a new era in industrial, sensitive robotics and lays the foundations for innovative and sustainable production processes. For the first time, humans and robots can work together on highly sensitive tasks in close cooperation. This opens up the possibility for new applications, paving the way for greater cost-effectiveness and utmost efficiency.



The KR QUANTEC portfolio of high payload robots brings successful results with the best reach and payload in this category. With an all-purpose design, it is built to work in virtually any market segment, from automotive, foundry to medical and everything in between.