With over 150 thousand employees, 200 subsidiaries and 60 overseas branches Midea Group has a global reach. Since 2017 Midea has jumped from 450 to 312 on the Fortune Global 500. We drive this growth with a super talented team of forward thinkers, whether you are an engineer focused on environmental control, a computer scientist with a taste for AI, an HR leader with a drive for your staff or an innovative financial expert, if you are looking to broaden your horizons Midea has the right opportunities for you. Work with us and inspire your future.



At Midea, we don’t believe in a world with limits. Our research and innovation center is the backbone of our creativity, as we consistently produce award-winning products for different fields of technology. Nobody takes R & D more seriously than us, if its Robotics, AI, Smart Homes, Automated Supply Chain or Big Data, Midea is at the forefront of innovation. We are determined to break the market by developing the next revolutionary product. We provide team members the perfect environment to utilize their experience, to imagine, inspire and develop the next great thing.




Manufacturing for the 21st century. Reacting to our customers we are meeting demands across the planet for a sustainable future. We are saving energy, switching to environmentally friendly materials, improving efficiency and demanding perfection at every stage. We are looking for international leaders with a strong track record in production and a sharp eye for detail, driven to innovate and improve. Our manufacturing base grows year by year and we are committed to maintaining the high standards which we have worked so hard to establish.

Domestic Sales


We are pushing the limits and breaking into new markets. Our consumers deserve great products and great service from beginning to end. Sales is much more than simply shifting the next lot of inventory. You lead the frontline in getting to understand what our customers need most and how to deliver upon our promises. We have leading market share and are achieving major breakthroughs in extremely competitive markets both domestically and across the globe. Turn well-designed ideas into real products and get up close and personal with our consumers. We need sales leaders everywhere.

Overseas sales

Our most rapidly expanding areas are our overseas markets. We are pioneering intelligent and revolutionary methods as we seek to rewrite the manual on overseas market expansion. Globalization poses huge and varying challenges, we need experienced, cultured professionals with an international mindset to help us overcome these challenges. If this sounds like you contact our careers center.


Nobody would tell you that we have our own software company or that we are a global leader in supply chain, MES, and big data related products. If you have the skills then we have the roles, whether you are a Big Data Number Cruncher, a Techno-Wizard, an Internet Architect or a Production Master, Midea can provide you with a platform to develop your knowledge and career, and challenge you in ways that were previously inconceivable.

E-Commerce Operation

As a technology company for the 21st century, the internet of things needs to be at the center of all that we do. From user maintenance to user drive, from attracting members to member management, from customer service to value chain, from big spending to store manager. We recognize the value and opportunities that E-commerce represents, as we expand globally we also recognize many challenges. If you want to be part of building something big, a rapidly expanding part of a dynamic business in multiple markets across the world, so long as you dare, Midea Group has the ideal opportunities for the next stage of your career.

Supply Chain

Global logistics, supply chain, production quality are all challenges that Midea has faced for many years. Learn from some of the most experienced hands in the industry, develop your own portfolio with experience in international markets and a range of products. Make real-time decisions that have far reaching repercussions across the globe. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our cost and service, and looking for new members to strengthen our teams.

Financial and Banking


As the steward of the Midea Group, every number shows our wealth. Managing such a huge business across multiple borders is no simple task. If you have a strong background in Holding multi-currency funds, Financial risk management, Financial management expertise or Improving business quality, we want to hear from you. You can expect that we have a host of top-level financial projects waiting for you to work on.

Functional Management


Modern day management in a globalized company requires capable people with a wide range of skills. Only the strongest candidates have the insight to prioritize from a list of responsibilities, have the right interpersonal skills to lead teams across the globe, can work in multiple languages and manage teams diverse in religion, culture and time zones. With the added pressure of execution and meeting targets, it's not for everybody. If you have a strong track record of meeting expectations and believe you can pioneer a dynamic organization to become a world leader then we want to hear from you.