Data Analyst

Foshan, China 

AEG JV Company

Posted: 02.12.2021

Hand over multi-currency funds, focus on financial risk construction, play the financial management expertise, have a top-level financial integration project. The position will test your brain in all aspects. You can join the financial and financial team and let you win from the beginning to the end.

  • Learn the latest development technology and development model. Participate in the front-end development work of enterprise Internet + / intelligent transportation / Internet of Things / e-commerce / smart home / corporate finance and other cutting-edge business.
  • Web application design and development;
  • Javascript data processing;
  • Ajax interactive development;
  • Web interface design and development;
  • Html/css code quality control.

Aliquip EX EA:

  • Bachelor degree or above in computer related major;
  • Familiar with JavaScript, DIV+CSS;
  • Understand Jquery, AngularJS and other technologies;
  • Skilled in using front-end development technologies such as HTML, CSS, ES5+, jQuery, Vue, Webpack;
  • Those who master at least one server-side programming language (PHP/NodeJS/Python/Java, etc.) are preferred;
  • Good teamwork and communication skills;
  • Work actively, have a sense of responsibility, and resist work pressure;

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Graduation time; Available Working Period (If apply for intern)
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