Harvard Executive Learning Program -- Members of the senior management have the opportunity to study with experts and professors from world-class business schools to broaden their field of view and gain an enhanced awareness of Globalization.

Sailor Program

Based on the leadership competency model and business needs, we train up mid-level managers through leadership courses, professional courses, benchmarking learning, cross function integration, etc.


Voyage Program

By scanning the whole group, especially those recommended by senior management, we select a group of High-potential Talents for further development.


Pilot Program

Through combining practical challenges, as well as solving and studying theory, we help our senior management gain strategic vision, innovative sense, an international field of view, and diversified team building through capacity development.

ITD (International Talent Development) Program - Training Overseas Practical Talents: By rotating to overseas positions, we encourage international talent with overseas practical experience, strong cross-cultural adaptability, and overseas business influence.

Internal Trainer Program -- One Midea, One Language. Midea has a team of more than 500 internal trainers, who have contributed their strength in teaching and dispelling the challenges within Midea.

Graduate Training -- New graduates will start their career dreams at Midea with a week-long closed training camp.

New Employee Training -- Let science and technology be perfect and let life be better. New employees will begin a heroic journey from a game named "The game of the hero."