Anna Kavetskaya

After being born in a small town, I moved to the capital when I went to study at the Minsk State Linguistic University. While being a student, I managed to combine my studies with participation in different events as a volunteer, such as children’s summer camps, sports events, movie festivals, etc. In 2010 I graduated from university with a diploma in teaching English, Spanish, and Russian to foreigners, and I joined JV Midea-Gorizont. My current position is as Administrative Manager of HR & Administrative Department. During my years with the company, I have been loyal to the JV since day one. I am a dedicated person, and I believe I can manage all kinds of interpreting and administrative tasks efficiently: e.g., taking caring of expats from China, organizing the company’s social events, etc. 

Moreover, I also initiated the company's participation in charity events. Since 2016 I have been performing functions as the secretary of the JV’s Shareholders’ meetings. Since the end of 2017, I have been assisting the Head of Department in fulfillment of HR duties. Daily, I help to develop better work and social environment in the company by performing a mediator’s role between international management and employees. I am keen on sports activities and learning foreign languages and culture. Recently I have started to learn Chinese to better understand my foreign colleagues’ traditions and cooperation with them.

Peeyush Chaudhary


I have been dedicated to my studies right from the very beginning. Asides from academics, I also have a passion for creativity. Churning out new ideas and trying out new things at first have always been something I’ve loved since my childhood. I have a passion for anchoring and stage handling and I have hosted various events during my school and college days. I finished my degree in Mechanical Engineering from YMCA University, Faridabad in 2017. I am a cricket enthusiast with an equal liking for reading quality books. I try to spend my free time traveling to new places. I have a positive attitude towards life and I like to make new friends. Since, joining CAC one and a half years ago, it was a very fruitful experience working in such a big organization.

In the short time I have worked within the organization, the company has given me great exposure that has helped me transform from being a university graduate into a professional engineer training others. The transition has been very smooth thanks to the fantastic planning by the leaders. As far as the knowledge part is concerned, there has been enough learning on the product side working with the most experienced engineers from CAC. The ever encouraging co-workers have made the work experience even better and with the hope of improving my professional and personal skills much more in future, I am trying to do my best to contribute to the company.

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