We focus on the sophistication of products and the advanced product technology that makes people's lives better. Our R&D team strengthened over the last few years. In 2018, we had around 800 R&D staff, including about 30 PhDs and international experts. 

CDOC Research Process

We adopted consumer-driven product development over the years, striving to provide products that meet the needs of our consumers. 

Concept stage


Build up the general layout of products and summarize with the concept of user needs. We first hypothesize all possible issues and needs during the cooking process. Then we match the needs and problems with different groups of people based on their consumer behavior, and then we would interview real customers. During the interviews, we validate the hypothesis and discover the variation point to find out and select the valuable concepts for the products. After the interviews and the analysis, we will have a final concept for further product planning.

Design stage


Based on the concept we developed, we build up upon the relevant technology solution. We try our best to design user-oriented products with the best performance by minimizing the cost and improving the quality as well as property.

Optimization stage


We keep improving the technological level to make the best product management system which helps the customers build their trust with Midea.
Capability stage: We focus on enhancing the user experience by upgrading the automation level, perfecting innovative products, and improving the quality to make our brand more reliable for the customers.

Nutrition Lab

Founded in 2014, the nutrition lab aims to provide more knowledge on the research of nutrition and health. It is the first nutrition laboratory that was awarded  the CNAS certificate in the household industry in China. Our research findings have been acknowledged by laboratories and institutions in China or overseas.

Patent Applications

In 2018, we saw a breakthrough when we won the China golden award for patents. Our patent applications have reached 23,000 in number which is outstanding  in small domestic appliances industry.