Crown Series


Crown Series is equipped with a Creative “Water  Cube” drum, which can effectively help to “massage” clothes, soak fabrics, completely overcome stain problems, and clean fabric corners. No more worries when it comes to facing stubborn stains, just enjoying clean laundry.

Midea's BLDC Motor


Midea's BLDC motor (Brushless Direct Current Motor) oversomes the brush DC motor congenital defect of the electronic commutator to replace the machannical commutator, the BLDC motor has both good speed as of the brush DC motor performance characteristics, and a simple structure of the AC motor, less commutation spark, reliable operation and easy maintenance adavantages.

Midea Top In Washing Machine


Midea Top In Washing Machine has a 51 Liter capacity, which makes it possible to wash the whole family's clothes once at a time, saving time and effort. The center opening rate can reach 85% in average and the rate even reaches 100% when working on a mass load.

Dinky Series Tumble Dryer


The 3kg Dinky Series Tumble Dryer can meet the various need for any family. Little room to take, and far more high drying experience than your imagination.

The Over-heated protection function helps to care for your clothes from over-drying. Once the temperature inside reaches 66℃, a sensor will activate the program to pause the heating to save electricity.

The Sicily Series Top Loading Washers


The Sicily Series Top Loading Washers are equipped with the Third Generation Water Magic Cube Pulsator, using the wavy rib, like a spinning board. The surface is lined with 432 bloat holes , which greatly improve the washing ratio (37.4% improved).