Guangdong Midea Kitchen Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a certified National High-tech Enterprise, is equipped with nationally recognized CNAS labs and CNIS labs for microwave energy efficiency testing. 

Backed by the Technology Center and the postdoctoral workstation of the Midea Group, our R&D center focuses on research and innovation of microwave energy, inverter technology, energy efficiency, sensor technology, simulation technology, raw material studies, nutrition analysis and air duct studies, etc. Among all the innovative products, microwave ovens with inverter, intelligent sensor and 5.8GHz magnetron have been awarded High-tech Products of Guangdong province, China. 

The test center is an independent operating unit built upon the international standard ISO17025S. Directly authorized by the company, it owns independent rights on testing and certifying product and also carries out quality control.

It consists of third-party certification laboratories, safety, and durability laboratories, transport package laboratories, cooking laboratories, trophic analysis laboratories and electronic chip testing laboratories. 

We continue to implement our innovation philosophy by recruiting talented technique experts. We have a professional staff team that consists of 65 foreign experts, whom more than half possess 6 Sigma Black Belt Qualifications. This team also includes 240 R&D experts with 4 national senior engineers, 1 national registered quality engineer, and 6 professional nutritionists.