Central Material Feeding System

Powered by the central material feeding system, we successfully increased the production efficiency and improved product quality by 20% and 10%, respectively. Meanwhile, significant reduction can be seen in raw material pollution and staff workload.

WMS Storage System

With our latest WMS storage system, real time inventory management could be achieved with simple bar codes.

Anode Automatic Production Line

Automated manufacturing process and intelligent management equip our production line with efficient, high quality, and a massive volume manufacturing capability that enables a stable supply capacity. 

High Speed Continuous Press Lines

We apply high speed continuous press lines in manufacturing that significantly improve production efficiency by three times that of the past.

Automated Microwave Door Welding Assembly Line

Since this advanced assembly line was introduced, we have accomplished unmanned manufacture in microwave door welding and have improved both the quality and quantity by 50% while reducing the inventory by 50%.

Automated Finished Product Conveying Chain

The finished product can be distributed to specific deposit areas through 15 exits with the automated conveying chain. It possesses an accurate transportation capability of 150,000 units per day.