Nowadays, Midea CAC has four productions centers worldwide, three in China and one overseas. The annual manufacturing capability is 40,000 units for chillers, 500,000 units for terminals, 400,000 units for VRF ODU, 2,000,000 units for VRF IDU, and 300,000 units for heat pump water heaters.

Shunde Base: Shunde Base was founded in 1999, including four workshops with over 110,000 square meters and 38 world-class advanced production lines. All  product lines are equipped with an industry-leading intelligent robot-assisted production system, advanced measuring systems and vacuum leakage detection facilities. Today our annual manufacturing capacity is 2.5 million units per shift.
Now there are more than 200 technical engineers with bachelor degree or above working in the Shunde Base. Our products include: VRF, ATW heat pump, US ducted, Rooftop Packaged, Precision AC, Base Station AC, and so on.

Chongqing Base: Chongqing Midea General Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established from August 2004 with a total investment of more than 0.1 billion USD. Chongqing base has 5 advanced workshops and 14 production lines covering about 100,000 square meters, and nowadays it has already been the largest manufacturing base for large tonnage chiller. The new production base was finished on August 2005, mainly manufacturing centrifugal chillers, air-cooled and water-cooled screw chillers. Now the annual manufacturing capacity is 400 units for centrifugal chiller, 3,000 units for water-cooled screw chiller, 1,000 units for air-cooled screw chiller, and the annual value is over 0.3 billion USD. Midea JV with Carrier in 2015 which would open a new era for large tonnage chillers.

Hefei Base: The Hefei base was set up in 2011 covering about 667,000 square meters, located in Boyan Technology Zone, Gaoxin district, Hefei city, Anhui province. Hefei base is mainly for air conditioners with Fluorine system and water system and heat pump water heater, introducing German EISENMAN Automation Manufacturing lines with intelligent production capability.
The Hefei base planned to build 510,000 square meters of production facilities. The first phase of the Hefei base was put into production in December 2011 and it has built 260,000 square meters of production facilities (including R&D testing laboratory), 80,000 square meters of buildings for dining, accommodation, and entertainment. In 2017, the output value is estimated to be more than US$ 814 million.

Clivet S.p.A: Clivet is a European leading company based in Italy which has been designing, producing and distributing systems for cooling, heating, air ventilation and air purification for the residential, commercial and industrial markets since 1989. The company has an operational area of 50,000 m2 located in Feltre (Italy) and commercial offices and international subsidiaries in 6 different countries: UK, Spain, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and India. The company employs over 700 people. Clivet's research and development area includes a team of over 50 designers. Clivet, knowing that each building has specific characteristics related to its use, has gone beyond the concept of the product and has developed complete and advanced heat pump systems specialized for the different applications, ensuring high quality comfort, optimizing design and installation times, granting great efficiency and respect for the environment. Now, Clivet accounts for 5% of the market share in Italy's Chiller industry, 3% of the market share in Europe and 1.4% of the market share worldwide. The sales revenue was 130 million EUR in 2017.