Handheld vacuum cleaner

The cordless design and compact size makes this handheld vacuum cleaner ideal for cleaning places that are difficult to reach, from your stairs to your car. With versatile and detachable brush heads, it is easy to switch between floors and furniture. Moreover, the long run-time battery provides continuous suction power to clean everywhere. 

Canister vacuum cleaner

This canister vacuum cleaner is made for powerful cleaning but comes with a space-saving body. The compact size of the canister enables convenient storage, and its versatile brush heads and powerful, steady suction can pick up dirt and debris all around the house.

Upright vacuum cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for all types of floor cleaning. It comes with continuous and powerful suction that captures most dust and hair. Multiple choices of brush heads enable flexible cleaning. 

Stick-style vacuum cleaner

This stick-style vacuum cleaner offers a lightweight design for easy use yet has no compromise in suction power. It features a multi-layer filtration system that separates and filters dust into a washable dust cup. The hassle-free emptying dust cup design also helps to keep things hygienic – as disposing dust is as easy as a touch on the button.

Robot vacuum cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner makes cleaning without lifting a finger possible. With the help of a camera mounted on the top of the vacuum, it is easy to monitor the cleaning to make sure it doesn’t miss a spot. The cleaning modes can be customized, scheduled, and controlled via APP, which enables hands-free cleaning.