With our contribution to our research and innovation on microwave ovens, we have successfully applied leading technologies like steam cooking, inverter, high-accuracy sensor and intelligent control, to our appliances offering most competitive products to our customers. Meanwhile, we are deeply aware of our social responsibilities and spare no effort in improving our energy consumption efficiency to help save our planet.

As an industry leader, we will keep investing in R&D and continue to lead the development of microwave oven industry by working with cutting-edge technologies such as semiconductor technology, cloud technology, and solar technology.

Countertop microwave oven


The Midea countertop microwave oven is a versatile kitchen assistant that helps meet everyone’s daily needs. It integrates the microwave function for heating and defrosting, the grill function for a smokeless barbeque, convection function for fermenting, and steam function for healthier cooking, all in one compact size.

Midea built-in microwave oven

Preparing a variety of dishes is made simple with Midea built-in microwave oven. It offers various sizes of capacity that fit in every kitchen, variable power levels, pre-set programs and user-friendly design.

Midea over-the -range microwave oven

The Midea over-the-range microwave oven is a space-saving and multi-functional kitchen appliance that combines a microwave oven and a range hood. Hanging under the cabinet, its powerful 400 CFM ventilation system helps capture cooking smoke, grease, and odors to clean the air. The strong microwave output power and built-in humidity sensor enables efficient cooking without guesswork. 

Midea commercial microwave oven

The Midea commercial microwave oven is designed exclusively for the needs of a commercial environment: efficiency, simplicity, and durability. Equipped with a built-in laser scanner, the cooking program will be automatically chosen and operated when scanning the barcode on the food. A USB port enables effortless and consistent menu customization, and up to 100 auto programs that would cover most recipes.

With continuous R&D investment, we developed a series of innovative systems such as a multi-level cooking system, an air-duct cooling system, a precise cooking temperature control system, etc. We aim to offer customer-oriented products. After ceaseless effort in bringing added value to our customers, our oven has become the trustworthy choice for millions of families.  The accurate temperature control enables everyone to achieve master cooking with our advanced oven.

Midea built-in oven

The Midea built-in oven can seamlessly fit in every kitchen. It offers multiple functions with latest technologies to help everyday cooking easier and faster. From microwave function to steam function, there’s always more to discover. To create a comfortable user experience, the Midea built-in oven also comes with considerate features like easy-clean cavity, clip-on shelf, removable door plate, etc.

Midea freestanding oven

Based on energy type, Midea freestanding oven can be categorized into three types: electric oven, gas oven and dual fuel oven. The latter two types are combined with gas burners on the top, offering various cooking methods to achieve different flavors.

Midea compact oven

The compact oven is a new emerging oven category that is compact in size but integrates both a microwave function and an oven function. The microwave could penetrate into food and generate heat from inside, while the oven heating tube delivers heat from the outside, offering optimum cooking results. 


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